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Beer Your Way through Christmas Day

Tuesday 21 December in Business

Christmas is a time to celebrate and while the day may revolve around gifting, family and sharing you still need a little time for yourself and that’s where your beer comes in.

Beer is a drink that brings people together but a sip of beer can also be that moment to yourself in a crowded room, both things we all need at times on Christmas Day.

So here is the Bottle Monkey guide to Beer your way through Christmas Day.


At most times of the year Drinking at breakfast is frowned upon but it’s all good at Christmas but you want to be sensible you have to last the day. While the go to choice might be a Bucks Fizz we recommend switching it up with a Schofferhoffer Mimosa.

Schofferhoffer Grapefruit is German Radler a 50/50 blend of Pink Grapefruit juice and german hefe-weisse with a little 2.5% ABV amazing in the summertime but equally at home mixed with a little Prossecco and enjoyed whilst opening your presents in the morning.


You’re gonna need a little something before that big old Christmas lunch so a little Aperitif to prepare your palate is where we are going next. In the spirit world you’d be looking for something dry like a good vermouth or dry gin, or maybe you’d go for a little dry wine if that’s your bag.

Well knowing there’s a massive feast on the horizon we want something easy drinking and with a kick of bitterness to kickstart the digestive system. So we have chosen Lost & Grounded Keller Pils, brewed with German Pilsner malt and three traditional lager hop varieties, this is a clean unfiltered Hop Bitter Lager.

Christmas Dinner

The gifts are open, the lego set is half built and the feast is ready to go, all we need now is a beer to match. There are so many options that work with a traditional Turkey dinner, an english pale ale, a german dunkel even a lager would work well so we’ll give you a few options as not everyone goes for turkey.

First up and always a bottle monkey favourite, Delirium Noel a big belgian beer that pulls no punches when it comes to flavour and strength a 10% ABV, a little spice and bittersweet balance this will work well with darker meat or game alongside all the traditional trimmings.

Our second choice would be Lervig Yule Dopple Bock, a classic scandinavian christmas lager with caramel malt and a light hoppy touch that stands up well to all the richness of christmas fare. We’d recommend this one if your going for the full turkey dinner.

Finally, If you're going for a Nut Roast then we suggest Bon Secours Blonde de Noel. This classic belgian beer is one of the few blond beers brewed for the holiday season. Although it is light in colour that doesn;t mean it is lacking in flavour, a carefully chosen blend of malts, delicate hopping and spices give this beer it’s exceptional aroma which will work beautifully alongside your meal.

Christmas Pudding

First up before you get to the beer or the pudding you’ll be needing a bottle of Pudtroleum form local distillery Outlier to douse your pudding and set Christmas alight.

Once the theatrics are over you’re spoilt for choice for beers that work with dessert, but given the strength of the beers we suggest pairing with your meal it may be time to just lower the ABV and give yourself a little respite.

So at this point we suggest another Lervig beer, Driving Home For Christmas, a non-alcoholic christmas beer that doesn’t compromise on flavour. Malty and dark roasted notes will pair perfectly with your christmas pud and being non-alcoholic it may just prevent you from having one too many and awkwardly picking on your little brother’s life choices in revenge for the terrible secret santa gift you just received.


In the Bottle Monkey household we’ll often have a cheeseboard on the go alongside the pudding and we’ll need another beer for that. If you have to pick on beer to go with a mix of cheese styles then you need to go calling on the ultimate food beer Saison. The stone cold classic Saison Du Pont would be our choice or if there’s a few of you sharing the cheese and beer why not go for a magnum of La Chouffe as much of a spectacle as a magnum of champagne but way better if you ask us.

And Relax

When everyone has left, or you have just got home, the kids are in bed and there’s nothing left to do. It's time to treat yourself to something fully indulgent and for this we like to go big and dark with our beer and go for a big decadent pastry stout or something barrel aged that we can savour in front of the fire once all the christmas chaos has run its course.

For the pastry stout we’re going with Ominpollo Noa Scoop brewed in collaboration with 3 Sons brewery form florida this is a strawberry pecan mud cake imperial stout. Think pure liquid chocolate covered strawberries, that pour as thick as the dessert that inspired it.

If you’d rather something a bit more refined then we suggest Oo XO from Estonian Brewery Pohjala this 11.5% Cognac Barrel Aged Baltic Porter is a limited barrel aged version of one of their most popular beers. Silky Smooth with hints of molasses mix with rich dark chocolate which play against the deep oak and forest fruit notes imparted by the months spent in cognac barrels.

And that pretty much make up the perfect day of beers for us, but here’s a little bonus.

If your going to someone else’s house for the day and want something a little easier to carry or you're looking for something to take to a christmas or new years party then you might want to consider the Tiny Rebel Ice Bucket pack, 12 beers in packaging that opens out into an ice bucket. Whether your food pairing or just want something a little more fuller flavoured to drink this variety pack is perfect to take with you just add ice and you're all set.

Have a Very Beery Christmas.

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