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DQ helps Woodland Trust work wonders Island-wide

Thursday 11 November in Business

Staff at an Island law firm swapped their daily professional duties for a very different habitat after becoming a silver corporate member of the Isle of Man Woodland Trust.

A group of 10 from DQ Advocates ventured north after volunteering to plant 150 trees in Maughold for an autumnal corporate planting.

Manx native oak, hawthorn, alder, hazel and downy birch were among the species planted by the team which joined forces with the Trust whose members were on hand to demonstrate how to plant the saplings, as well as provide a much-needed sugar boost for their exertions.

The Isle of Man Woodland Trust was created to maintain, protect and expand Manx forests and has achieved incredible work since being established in 2005, having now planted more than 33,000 trees.

As an independent woodland trust, it not only aims to protect and maintain the existing woodland of the Isle of Man but also enhance it with additional planting using predominantly native Manx species.

Currently, just six per cent of the Isle of Man is woodland as a proportion of landmass, compared to 13 per cent of the United Kingdom and 44 per cent of continental Europe; which is the Trust’s motivation behind creating new woodland on the Island wherever possible.

DQ Managing Director Mark Dougherty said: ‘DQ is proud to be a silver corporate sponsor of the Woodland Trust and our team had a wonderful time in the Manx countryside and showed a real commitment to contribute to a project which helps create a greener future for our Island.

‘Creating new woodlands really can provide valuable wildlife habitats and increase the island’s natural capital, increasing biodiversity and leaving a legacy for future generations.

‘We’re keen to continue supporting the Trust where we can and do our bit to make a tangible difference on the Island.’

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