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Manx Lottery Trust announces 'Bridging the Digital Divide'

Wednesday 12 May in Business

‘Bridging the Digital Divide’ has been announced as the theme for Manx Lottery Trust’s 2021 Community Awards Thematic Funding.

The Trustees of Manx Lottery Trust are inviting applications from charities and organisations for projects that will help people stay connected with friends and family, as well as activities online that will provide enjoyment or other benefits. It has a total of £150,000 on offer, with grants available ranging from between £2,501 and £150,000 (maximum £50,000 in any one year).

The Trustees are encouraging organisations to collaborate and come forward with projects which will enable them to work in partnership, in a person-centred way and at the pace, frequency and style that suits people. They are looking to support schemes that help improve access to digital resources, but also help individuals and local communities to build digital confidence and skills.

Sarah Kelly, Chairman of Manx Lottery Trust, said: ‘The past 12 months have affected all our lives and it has been necessary to adapt and make changes that were unthinkable prior to the Covid-19 pandemic. With some restrictions still in place, particularly the continued closure of Manx borders, many Islanders continue to feel isolated and lonely.

‘The Trustees recognise that being able to connect, by whatever means, can help reduce loneliness and social isolation. We hope that by increasing the funding available to bridge the digital divide, there will be fewer local people missing out on the services, activities and connections available online.’

Manx Lottery Trust has been delegated to distribute National Lottery money that has come from The National Lottery Community Fund. Community Award application forms, together with guidance notes, are available on the Manx Lottery Trust website: www.mlt.org.im

The Trustees kindly request that completed applications for their consideration are received no later than Friday 23rd July 2021.

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