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A conversation with Mrs Corrin, School Counsellor at Ramsey Grammar

Friday 19 November in Community

At RGS, we model ‘our way of being’ which is based on kindness, respect, trustworthiness, responsibility, fairness and community. We encourage our students to have one adult in school who they could go and talk to, if ever anyone is saying or doing anything which makes them feel uncomfortable or sad.

We believe that every student has the right to come to school and be safe and happy. We explain about the changes in the teenage brain and how sometimes they need to ‘train their brain’ and we focus on breathing techniques, to show them how they can control their emotions and hopefully their words and actions. We encourage our students to talk and be open about how they are feeling so that we can help them.

We work very closely with outside agencies such as ISLE LISTEN, REACH & YOUTH SERVICE who provide listeners and also run assemblies, so that the message of kindness is given out from many different people. We also run the ‘bullying vs banter’ programme with the youth service to illustrate the difference to students and give people the opportunity to speak out.

We run evenings with outside agency partners to educate families about issues students may face and also to build up relationships between home and school.

We run the MHFA courses for students and families through Ali Vondy (Manx Minds) and are looking at trying to fund all KS4 & 5 to be certified. This way we can open it up to the community so that as many people as possible are upskilled to spot signs.

Ultimately- BE KIND is huge and we are always highlighting this.

Today, we are wearing odd socks to support Anti-Bullying Week.

If anyone is struggling, please speak out - there are many anti-bullying and mental health support charities who work hard every day to stop bullying, across the Isle of Man and the UK.

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