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Dandara continues support of island lifeline

Friday 6 August in Community

Dandara has pledged its continued support of a vital lifeline in the Isle of Man.

The award-winning homebuilder has renewed its sponsorship of Isle of Man Live at Home’s two minibuses for the next 12 months. The financial support will be used to cover the running costs of the vehicles, which transport members to and from social groups, events, activities, important appointments and on assisted shopping trips.

Live at Home works to improve the lives of older people in the community by providing support and social interaction for those who wish to maintain their independence, while still continuing to live at home. The charity has been providing these essential services to its members since 1998, improving the lives of older people on the Isle of Man for more than 20 years.

Its dedicated team of staff and volunteers provide a wide range of services and activities, including one-to-one befriending, lunch clubs and social activities, in addition to offering information and advice.

Dandara Marketing Manager Angela Beresford
with Live at Home Chief Executive Jackie Bridson

Jackie Bridson, Chief Executive at Live at Home, said: ‘Access to transport can be a huge barrier for older people and often a factor in why they become lonely and isolated, which is why our minibuses play such a crucial role in the services we offer. Recent lockdowns have had a significant impact on the people we support and so the ability to provide assistance and transport has been even more vital in recent months - allowing those who have self-isolated and shielded over the past year to reconnect with one another.

‘Since 2016, Dandara has funded the annual running costs of the minibuses, including fuel, insurance, servicing and maintenance costs. Without this invaluable support, we would really struggle to afford these ongoing expenses. The costs of running two 14-seater minibuses are not cheap and we are truly grateful to Dandara for its continued support.’

Dandara Marketing Manager Angela Beresford said: ‘Live at Home works incredibly hard to ensure older people in our community live happy and fulfilling lives, and we are pleased to continue our support of this local charity and all of the work it does. The minibuses ensure that its members are able to join in the organised activities without the worry of organising their own transport, allowing them to enjoy some time out of the house, socialising with others and keeping their minds active.’

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