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Hugs in a bag for parents at Noble’s hospital

Friday 16 July in Community

A Manx charity is donating toiletry gift bags to support patients who find themselves admitted to Noble’s Hospital in an emergency.

A Little Piece of Hope has worked with the senior nursing teams of both the Jane Crookall Maternity Unit and the Children’s Ward to produce the ‘Hug In A Bag’ sets, which consist of items that women and parents find themselves in most need of after an unexpected admission. For example, a typical maternity bag would include fluffy socks, nightwear, fleece blanket and pillow, chocolate bars, a phone charger, a re-usable coffee cup, smellies, a hairbrush and bobble, a flannel, facemask, mirror, notebook and pen, sanitary products and some small items of baby clothing; a parent/child bag would include many of the same items, as well as a refillable water bottle, children’s toys and games, colouring books and pencils, and some Haribo sweets.

Helen Walmsley, Founder of A Little Piece of Hope charity, commented: “Unexpected admission to hospital is a frightening time for mums-to-be and parents with poorly children, often made worse by the fact they have nothing with them other than the clothes they’re wearing. The ‘Hug In A Bag’ sets are designed to help make their stay as comfortable as possible, and give them something less to worry about at an already difficult time.”

Barbara Roberts, Manx Care’s Head of Midwifery, added: “I’d like to thank A Little Piece of Hope for the charity’s long-standing support for women and families on the Island. The bags are another excellent example of their thoughtfulness for people who require hospital treatment in difficult circumstances. They’re already being appreciated by some of our parents!”

A Little Piece of Hope is a charitable foundation dedicated to helping bereaved families and sick children under the age of 21 with things like hospital travel, funerals and headstones, mental health support and provision of equipment. More details can be found by visiting www.alittlepieceofhope.com.

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