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Will Blissett: Mental Health and Poetry

Wednesday 12 May in Community

Will Blissett, a 17 year old from the East of the Island was involved in a road traffic collision 3 years ago, where he was left to start learning everyday tasks all over again after being put into a medically induced coma. Will struggled mentally throughout his journey back to a ‘normal’ life and has opened up about his difficulties with mental illness by writing poems, in a bid to help others who may also find themselves in a difficult situation. Will has shared his poems with us, and each poem represents a different stage of his mental health and his journey.


One thought, my head’s in a spiral
Feel like a meme, ready to go viral
Paranoia engulfs me, it feels eternal
The way I escape is write poems like a journal.

These times are rough and they ain’t ending soon
But I’ll keep on going and finish with a boom
Paranoia isn’t fun, constantly panicked
My thoughts leave me shaking, wanting to vanish
That’s what inspires Me, not a fan of loss
My only question is, at what cost?

Just like a hurdler, training doesn’t stop
Got to clear the jumps to not upset the boss
The jumps will be cleared no matter how? or why?
I keep my aims high though, I’m headed for the sky
Got to remain careful, ensuring not to slip
The ascent isn’t easy but I can’t afford to trip
All that this poem has really meant
Is the view at the top will be worth the ascent.

By, Will Blissett


Ultimately the amount of hope is minimal
All of my thoughts become subliminal
Not the actions but why they are done
Overall I’ve been beaten and he has just won
Taken Will Blissett and whether you agree
You cannot deny, It’s not the same old me.

The accident changed me In so many ways
Uncertainty raging, I was lost in a maze
My thoughts they diminished, blackness in seconds
That awful moment when it eventually beckons
I hate to say it, it’s a weak way to go
But I sometimes feel this accident I will never outgrow.

At the end of the day if you see the world through my eyes
All you see is people, telling you repeated lies
It isn’t enjoyable ,believe me in that
If anyone can disprove me I’ll take off my hat
I’m unwanted from every perspective
If you’re the criminal, consider me the detective
That’s the only analogy that I can give
For the way my friends see me, and how I now live.

By Will Blissett


I struggle to believe that I am still even standing
My dreams have come true and they won’t stop expanding
Some say I should stop, that I’m aiming too high
No way I am grounding I am learning to fly
A goal has been set to achieve some due bliss
And when I shoot my shot, I don’t aim to miss
My goals aren’t weird or even slightly strange
Just some altercations that could really make a change

This mindset has been built from times I was tested
After all that I've been through I’ve proved I was invested
In bettering myself I re-learned how to live
Walk, talk and breathe, what else can I give?
I was lost and so scared I couldn’t begin to explain
My story’s amazing and nobody's to blame
If you read on you’ll understand
Why I am Will Blissett and just how I learnt to stand.

By Will Blissett

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