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Manx Lottery Trust Grant Creates Buzz at Local School

Wednesday 2 June in Community

A grant awarded to Ramsey Grammar School will soon see the development of two beehives at the northern school.

Manx Lottery Trust has awarded £2,500 to help fund the school’s new beekeeping project which, in addition to the hives, will see the creation of fencing to safeguard the site and the purchase of protective equipment to allow students to observe and learn about the lifecycle of bees.

Four members of staff have been trained by the Isle of Man Federation of Beekeepers to manage the beehives and a further eight staff wish to be involved in the upkeep. The school also has links with the Ramsey and District Beekeeping Association and has plans to produce its own honey, involving students of all ages, including partner primary schools and the wider community, in the process.

William Wood, Ramsey Grammar School Assistant Headteacher, said: ‘This project is particularly poignant at the moment because the Isle of Man is free from Varroa destructor, which is decimating the bee population of the UK. This means our school can contribute to increasing the healthy bee population of the Isle of Man and this is something we’re excited about. We believe that this project will further develop an interest in bees and the environment in our young people and provide a vehicle for community cohesion. Thank you to Manx Lottery Trust for its support of this project.’

Sarah Kelly, Chairman of Manx Lottery Trust, added: ‘The Isle of Man is fortunate to have such a healthy bee population and we must ensure this continues. Projects like this will play an important role in this and in addition, be a great educational tool for both pupils and the wider community. We’re pleased to offer our support to Ramsey Grammar School.’

Manx Lottery Trust’s Smaller Grant Programme provides community funding between £300 and £2,500. Information and application forms can be found at www.mlt.org.im/grant-programmes.

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