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‘Walk of Hope’ to support ex-army veterans

Friday 17 December in Community

An ex member of the military has trekked almost 400 miles around the British Isles to raise money for an Isle of Man-registered charity.

‘Let’s Do Veterans’ was set up more than seven years ago to support wounded, disabled and injured UK soldiers who have served in the armed forces and, since 2014, has been bringing veterans to the Isle of Man to provide a first-hand experience of the TT Races.

The charity is aiming to widen its support network by reaching out to Manx veterans and offering opportunities for them to take part in its events.

Future planned trips include the TT races and visits abroad, and will include members of the two regiments the veterans have served in.

The ‘Walk of Hope’ began in St Paul’s Cathedral in London at the end of November and finished at St Anne’s Cathedral in Belfast in early December.

Co-founder of the charity, Robert Maxwell, who lost his right forearm and severely damaged his leg in a motorcycle accident which ended his military career, said: ‘We want to give back to the people who have helped us – health care workers, veterans – by running these trips. It’s important that people are recognised for their hard work and are able to recharge.

‘Being a soldier can take its toll on you mentally and cause post-traumatic stress so it’s essential we provide a support network to combat this. Veterans face many personal challenges after they are discharged from the army, and that’s why we encourage everyone to talk and help one another.

‘I’ve been wanting to reach out to Isle of Man veterans for a while now, following the devastating impact that the pandemic has had on our charity, to reconnect with veterans around the British Isles and offer support.

‘We are very grateful to the support we have received from the Manx community over the years, including the Isle of Man Steam Packet Company for assisting Let’s Do Veterans travel to the Island on multiple occasions. The level of service and support has been very generous and we are always overwhelmed with the staff’s assistance.’

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