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Five tips for staying safe this Bonfire Night

Wednesday 3 November in Entertainment

On Friday the Island skies will be ablaze with the sight and sounds of fireworks as we ‘remember, remember’ the 5th of November. But it can be very easy for us to get caught up in the moment and forget the risks that come with the usual Bonfire Night entertainment. Here’s a few gentle reminders to ensure you take care of yourself:

  1. Always make sure all fireworks are handled by an adult, and placed on a stable surface before being lit at arm’s length.
  2. It’s useful to keep a bucket of water, sand or a hose nearby in case there is an emergency or something accidentally catches alight.
  3. Pets must be kept indoors and children must be well-supervised and remain a good distance away from the fireworks or bonfire.
  4. When buying fireworks check they are CE marked and keep them in a closed metal box.
  5. If using sparklers they must be held in a gloved hand at arm’s length – don’t forget to keep a bucket of water close by to place them in after you have finished using them.

If you do find yourself in need of help, contact the fire brigade by dialing 999 immediately.

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Port Erin Fireworks Display

Start: 7.30pm

Location: Port Erin Beach

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Ramsey Town Commissioners Firework Display

Start: Activities begin at 6pm with fireworks commencing at 7.30pm>

Location: Mooragh Park

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