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Our Extraordinary Islander's Big Party: The Countdown is On

Tuesday 11 May in Extraordinary Islanders

Earlier this year, the organisers of Extraordinary Islanders were busy preparing for the ‘Extraordinary Party’ - a celebration for Manx people who went above and beyond during the Covid-19 pandemic.

The big screen was on stage at the stunning Garden Room in the Nunnery grounds, the band was doing their soundcheck, the caterers were firing up their ovens, while freshly baked pies and cupcakes were arriving – the place was buzzing!

But everything stopped as news came through of a sudden rise in COVID-19 cases from an unknown source… this meant everything had to be cancelled with only a couple of hours to spare. Cue lockdown 3.0!

Postponing the event was hugely disappointing for everyone involved, but it was absolutely necessary given the circumstances and the Government advice. After all, the campaign was designed to celebrate all the amazing people in our community who worked so hard to keep everyone safe, healthy, and comfortable during difficult times.

Fast forward to May 2021, and the team are back together and busy reorganising the festivities for next month.

So, what’s in store for the celebrations? Well, prizes, BIG ONES.

The Extraordinary Islanders team have handpicked each prize with the help of family, friends and loved ones, to make sure they hit the spot. We’re talking something the winners long for or would never treat themselves to, despite the fact they more than deserve it.

What else? Well, an evening of true pride celebrating some of the most remarkable people in our community. From those who cooked hundreds of meals for strangers and people who worked extra hours to make sure their friends and colleagues were okay, to young individuals who showed true selflessness in support of essential local charities.

Helen Summerscales, Managing Director of Isle of Man Advertising & PR, the team that brought Extraordinary Islanders to life, said: ‘Thankfully we have identified a date in June when we can finally host the Extraordinary Party #2, and we cannot wait to share some of the incredible stories and say thank you to all the nominees’ for their endeavours.

‘We remain incredibly grateful to all the local businesses we’re working with on this event. Their support in February was outstanding, and we’re delighted they can join us again next month.

‘Event specialists, ELS ensured a smooth on-site set-up and stress-free run-through on stage with the big screen. Wonderwalls, the fabulous event stylists were sadly stopped in their prime, but their room decorations, including over 8,000 balloons, were stunning. The Nunnery team provided invaluable support throughout and have been very flexible about rescheduling the evening.

‘Most party items could be safely tucked away, but inevitably we had some perishables that needed attention, including delicious pies from A&J Butchers and tasty cupcake platters from Taylor Made Cakes. After an appeal on social media, the Manx community nominated individuals and organisations who might appreciate a surprise treat delivered to their door.

Baker extraordinaire, Elaine Taylor, joined the Extraordinary Islanders team who spent the weekend delivering pies and cakes all over the Island - to care home residents and staff, hospital workers and people who were suggested to us by their friends and family. So thankfully, nothing went to waste.’

The Extraordinary Islanders’ campaign winners will be announced at the Extraordinary Party, which will now take place on Friday 25th June. No doubt it will be a night to remember, and simply extraordinary!

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