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ZEDRA rewards Extraordinary Islanders

Friday 3 September in Extraordinary Islanders

Extraordinary Islanders Young Citizen Award category sponsor ZEDRA was so impressed with the quality of entries in its category that, in addition to supporting the prize for the overall winner Jayden Gaines for his two-week 100-mile cycling fundraiser, the company has now awarded additional prizes to Crossroads Young Carers.

From its offices in Upper Church Street in Douglas, ZEDRA, the trust, corporate and fund services specialist provides Active Wealth, Corporate and Fund solutions and is passionate about delivering high quality solutions to its clients, both international and local, which include high-net-worth individuals and their families, along with corporate business solutions.

The additional prizes are in recognition of the important and challenging roles and contributions young carers fulfil on a daily basis.

Managing Director Joanna Bodell said: ‘As a company which is highly passionate about inspiring and supporting the next generation, the Extraordinary Islanders Young Citizen Award, which celebrates the achievements of young people in the Isle of Man, was a perfect fit for ZEDRA.

‘Shining a light on young individuals and groups who have made a positive difference to lives around them throughout this challenging period, we were hugely impressed with the creativity, innovation and talent that amazing youngsters in the Manx community have shown in a truly difficult year.

‘As well as Jayden’s superb efforts raising £2,370 for Ramsey Rugby Club Doorstep Deliveries on behalf of the Isle of Man Foodbank, we felt we wanted to also recognise the amazing Crossroads Young Carers and thank them for their ongoing contributions to society.’

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