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Speaker Juan Watterson: House of Keys 2021

Tuesday 28 September in politics

MHK for Rushen, and returning to the position of the Speaker of the House of Keys, Juan Watterson gives his first interview to talk about the next five years ahead.

Mr Watterson talks about the last five years and some of the stand out moments as Speaker of the House of Keys during that period, and looks forward to what the next administration will bring. He said:

‘I’ll be trying my best, through the induction programme that we’ve designed and beyond that, to make sure the members are as equipped as they can be as fast as they can be. We do need robust policy debates in here, we do need to make sure the legislation is getting scrutinized and we do need to make sure it’s getting questioned and is well formulated.’

‘We’ve got a fantastic diversity of views now in this place, we’ve got a better gender balance, we’ve got far more younger members that we haven’t had before… and we need to make sure all those voices are heard.’

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